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Hello and Good Morning

Every single one of us has had this thought; "where do I want to travel." Don't deny it, we have all thought this. I'm going to comprise a list of 3 of my dream travel destinations, and tell you why.

1.Teahupoo, off the coast of Tahiti (image above)
So your probably thinking that is is funny name, I admit it, it is pretty funny. However this place is world renowned for having some of the biggest waves in the world. It is the destination for many surfers/thrill-seakers. But other than having some of the biggest waves in the world, it is hot there, it is peaceful, and it is beautiful. See I have always been fascinated of waves, for some reason I just love them.

Imagine seating on the beach, watching the sunset and listening to the waves. (if you want to know more about teahupoo, go ahead and search it up!)

2.Europe (image above:Plitvice lakes of Croatia)

It has always been a dream of mine to see all of Europe. I want to; walk the streets of London, Paris and Amsterdam, run the hills of the French Countryside, explore ancient Italy, swim the Plitvice lakes of Croatia, hike the mountains of Switzerland, snowboard the mountains and swim the beaches on the same day in Spain, examine the history of Berlin, Germany,and last not but least I want to see the beautiful Greece.

Well I may have left some places out, but I basically want to see all of Europe. I also want to experience the world renowned taste of Europe.

3.Amazon (image above)

The Amazon has always been a dream of mine because I love to explore. Did I mention I love jungles because it is so unknown and not explored in great detail. Imagine deap in the amazon jungle, you come across a beautiful waterfall, that leads into a mystic cave.

I also want to go to the Amazon because I want to experience ayahuasca.(if you don't know what ayahuasca is, PLEASE search it up) Also be sure to read up on the articles by National Geographic about the topic of ayahuasca.

So there are my dream destinations, I think you should take some time to think of yours.

Top Ten Cars

In my opinion the top ten cars ever made are;

1.Koenigsegg CCX
2.Rolls Royce Phantom (White)
3.Shelby GT500
4.Ferrari F430 Spider
5.Aston Martin Vanquish
6.Porsche 911
7.Corvette C7
8.Mercedes Benz SLR
9.*NEW* Chevrolet Camaro
10.BMW M6 CLR600


See I'm thinking I've heard a lot of wierd stories, but this one has to be the craziest story I have ever read.

January 26th 2009
In the Chicago area a 14 year old boy, Vincent Richardson, dressed like a cop (with newspaper in place as a ballistics vest), showed up for "duty" at 1:30pm at the Grand Crossing District Police Station. He was given a police radio, a ticket book, a cop car and a partner to go out "patrolling."

The boy and his partner spent 5 hours "patrolling", and the boy even got to drive the cop car, until they returned back to the station. His partner failed to realize that he was a fake, however back at the station a senior officer became suspicous and questioned the boy. It turns out the boy had newspaper in place for the ballistics vest, and an empty holster for his gun.

The boy's mother said, Victoria Brock, said that her son went on ten calls before returning back to the station. One of those calls involved domestic violence. His mother also said that this was the third time the boy was caught for impersonating a cop. She also added that his whole life he wanted to be an officer.

At Juvenile court Vincent Richardson pleaded not guilty.

In my opinion this a huge embarressment for The United States.
But you have to admit, it is kind of funny.


Top Ten Movies of 2008


In my opinion the top ten movies of 2008 were;

1.Slumdog Millionare(One word, GREAT!)
2.Pinapple Express(Very Funny, lot's of GREAT actors/actresses)
3.Dark Night
4.Iron Man
5.The Wrestler
6.WALL-E (Great Story)
7.Step Brothers (Dumb movie, but guaranteed to make you laugh)
8.Body of Lies
9.Speed Racer
10.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Importance of Food

Good morning World,

I am the lucky brother of a health freak. We are not just talking about the guy that tries his best to be healthy, we are talking about a guy that is probably one of the healthiest persons in the world. My brother however looks up to this guy, Cory Holly.

I'm not here to brag about my brother, I'm here to explain to you something I was taught by my brother.

Food is the most important thing on this planet. What you eat determines your energy, your brain flow, your mood, EVERYTHING! Think about it, we are powered by the food we eat, and the liquids we drink, in order to survive we have to eat/drink. However we live in a world full of people that just don't care. These people will produce their chocolate bar, with all the money they have, in some foreign country, that we have never heard of, and get the consumer addicted.

We live in a world full of lies, as I have mentioned before. There is a study that suggests 86 percent of Americans could be overweight or obese by: 2030. The United States is the most popular when it comes to those ignorant people that don't care about the health of their planet. They only care about themselves.

Us, the consumers, are programmed naturally to save money. I think the cheapest food you can get is from Mcdonalds. See I don't want to even get started on fast food companies, because I have too much to say about how sh*tty the food is for you.

Imagine a world full of health concerned people. I guarantee everyone will be at least somewhat happier. I guarantee that everyone will have more energy. I guarantee that if everyone on this planet turned healthy, you would see a massive positive change on our world today.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a health freak, however I do try to make certain healthy decisions, like taking my multivitamins everyday.

See it's little things like I do that make me a bit healthier.

I want you, the reader, to remember one thing, food is like "power", our body needs "power" in order to function. Healthy food provides that extra "power," thus in turn allowing our bodies to function better.

Global Warming


It's me again, haha.

I've been stuck on an issue for quite some time now. What is Global Warming? What is causing Global Warming? How do we stop Global Warming?

I may not have the answers you want to hear, but please respect them.
Global warming as defined by is;
An increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution.

Pollution, Pollution, Pollution.
We have been spammed my friends. We have been taught many lies, we have been taught what is right and wrong. Now that Global Warming is in the picture, we, the people, are totally oblivious to what is right and wrong. We are gullible.

You think to yourself, is it us that is causing Global Warming, or is it a slap in the face from God, saying, " you f*cked up."

How do we stop it?
Well in my opinion, thats your job.

The Earth

This is my first blog. I'm fairly new to this kind of stuff, so be patient.

Am I only person that believes that we live in a world of lies, hatred and other bullshit. I think to myself, why I was placed here. Why me? What really bothers me, is why everyone thinks they are better than someone else. Personally I don't care if your Barack Obama, your slice of pie ain't going to be bigger than mine. You get me? No one rules me, no one has control over me, it is my choices.

I wake up every morning and I see the unhappiness. Don't get me wrong, I have been unhappy before, but I take control and I turn that frown up-side down.

We live in a world full of lies, one of the biggest lies though is that marijuana is the devil's work. I think everyone in the world needs a daily dose of marijuana to spark up their life. You may not agree with this, and I respect that, but you look at the cultures that get their daily dose of marijuana and you see that marijuana acts like a happy pill. But that is just my opinion.

I would just like to point out, that I don't smoke marijuana anymore, however I've researched it in great detail.

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